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The moment the Doctor woke up, she knew something was different. Everything looked…bigger. Yes that was it. Her bed felt like it was as big as a room and her room on the TARDIS looked like it could hold fifty people and more. She moved to get out of bed and noticed something else strange. Her point of view was a lot closer to the ground than it was when she went to sleep. She often talked out loud but when she went to do it now, it came out as a meow. How strange! She looked down at herself and realized she has fur! And a tail! She was a cat! She let out a meow that sounded surprised even to her own ears and looked around to see who could have caused this.

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    She held the Doctor, cuddling close to fall asleep with her as near as possible.
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    "Sweet dreams, my River," she sighed, curling to River’s side.